OSCE Virtual Training

OSCE Virtual Training

NMC Adult OSCE Virtual Training

Learning OSCE can be easy as you want to be, our Virtual OSCE Training gives the excellent input to learn OSCE at your own pace and convenience.

OSCE Virtual Training (Live online training with the trainer) is an excellent alternative to the classroom training. This is a three day live video based training with one of our experienced trainers where you will learn and get assessed on the OSCE skills and scenarios preparing you for your OSCE test.

This is a convenient way of learning and getting to know all about OSCE, when you don’t want to travel to attend the classroom training. It is also a very cost effective way of learning OSCE.

Three days comprehensive OSCE Virtual Training covers the following:

  • Day 1 detailed learning and understanding on paperwork & OSCE Skills
  • Day 2 detailed learning and understanding on APIE stations & paperwork
  • Day 3 is the Assessment, where candidates will be assessed on skills & APIE stations and given constructive feedback. This day is spaced out to allow candidates to self practice and be ready for the assessment.
  • Ongoing support will be given by our trainers.

In addition our OSCE Virtual Training includes 30 days access to our OSCE Online Learning. Call us today for more information and know how to register!

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