Health Care Assistants

Health Care Assistants (NMC SIFE Route)

Health Care Assistants, Carers or Support workers working in UK Health Care settings registering with NMC


SIFE is supporting information from employers, it is a form of employer reference. This form is mainly to be used by international nurses to support their English language evidence who are working in the health care settings in care homes or in hospitals. NMC registered managers (Band 6 or above) or employers to use the SIFE form to ensure that they have the clear evidence of nurses English language skills at practice for minimum 12 months or over. It is managers or employers own decision to provide the SIFE evidence even if you meet the required practice hours.

Who is eligible to use SIFE?

  1. Completed nursing which was taught and assessed in English
  2. Missed the English language scores by 0.5 in two sittings in any one subject IELTS or OET.

SIFE route registration for HCAs or Support workers in UK requirements:

  1. You must have a NMC recognised nursing qualification from abroad
  2. You must have worked in UK health care setting, NHS hospital or care home for minimum of 12 months in full time role or equivalent part time hours.
  3. Your English Language competence (SIFE form) must be verified by a NMC registered line manager who needs to be in minimum of Band 6 position or equivalent in care homes
  4. Your line manager must be working with you for minimum period of 6 months. This means you can have two managers in 12 months.
  5. Your SIFE form must be further countersigned by a senior NMC registered manager who needs to be in minimum of NHS Band 8a post or equivalent in care homes.

SIFE Registration Process

Nursing qualification abroad

Start the NMC Online application



Submit online SIFE info

Minimum of 12 months UK working experience in Health Care setting

NMC Registered manager to sign form (Band 6 equivalent post)

Countersigned by another NMC senior Manager (Band 8a equivalent post)

All submission is Online under NMC Online application

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