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Why Choose Health Skills Training?

Health Skills Training is known to provide you with a world class service. You will get complete comprehensive support with our own CBT & OSCE Training. We are different to many other agencies because we are a one stop solution that can help you with the whole recruitment process. Many of you fear the CBT & OSCE test which is a pivotal part of your recruitment process. Without passing the CBT & OSCE your UK Nursing job contract is incomplete.

Health Skills Training gives you the complete satisfaction with their robust quality recruitment process with thorough training on CBT & OSCE. We have a 100% pass rate on our CBT preparation and 99% pass rate on our OSCE preparation. We recruit nurses to the outstanding NHS hospitals and to outstanding care homes.

Specific coaching and training is given at regular stages of your recruitment process. From CV checking to interview preparation; CBT training; support and guidance on Visa application process; to Flight and travel arrangements; OSCE preparation; obtaining an NMC PIN number; and making the job contract permanent… We are there for you.

Why the United Kingdom?

The UK has a world-famous health care system. Whether you work for the NHS or a care home or for a private hospital, you can be sure that you are joining a national health workforce who not only provides first-class care, but makes history each and every day. Many of the NHS Trusts & care homes that we partner with offer fantastic induction training during your initial stages of the probationary period.

Whether you are a supernumerary or newly NMC registered International nurse, you will be supported from day one, giving you the opportunity to join the preceptorships or other career development programmes, opening up a world of training opportunities in specialist areas and locations. The UK has fantastic outdoor locations to visit and you can easily travel to other European countries to explore the world-famous tourist attractions.

Want Even More Reasons to Choose Health Skills Training?

Standard Benefits are offered, this may vary depending on each NHS Trust Contract, however the majority of UK employers offer these benefits and these will be clearly highlighted on your provisional contract.

  • Salary Band 5 between £28,407 – £34,581 gross per annum – salary dependant on experience and skills
  • IELTS/OET Fee refunded (Only some employers)
  • NMC Registration fee paid for various stages, Initial application fee, CBT, OSCE first attempt and NMC full registration Fees.
  • Flight ticket and travel arrangements
  • Visa Fees – Relocation/accommodation allowance of £500
  • Some NHS Pay additional Bonus upon completion of training and achieving all competencies
  • Staff accommodation shared or independent
  • Pay enhancements are made for un-social hours as follows: Saturday and any weekday after 8pm +30% and +60% for Sundays and public holidays
  • Permanent, full time positions + overtime and additional shifts
  • Childcare vouchers
  • 27 days of paid holidays + 8 public holidays
  • Excellent professional development opportunities
  • Enhanced NHS Pension scheme, excellent maternity and paternity leave packages.

Standard International UK Nursing Job Recruitment Requirements

1. Eligibility

You will need a nursing qualification equivalent to a UK foundation degree, including a BSc Nursing or Diploma in Nursing. Newly qualified nurses can apply as the NMC doesn’t require any experience to register into their register. However, in some cases employers can ask for a minimum of 6 months of post qualification experience, this mostly happens in the specialised areas such as critical care, emergency medicine, oncology etc.

2. Proof of English language proficiency can be achieved under three categories:

a) LANGUAGE TESTS: Providing proof of achieving required academic IELTS and overall score of at least 7 with 6.5 in the writing section and at least 7 in the reading, listening and speaking sections.

Combining two test scores
When you take a full four section test at the same time, the NMC will accept combining two tests within 12 months of each other. However, in order to combine scores, none of the results for listening, reading or speaking can be below 6.5 and writing cannot be below 6.0.


OET with a minimum grade of C+ in the writing section and all others grade B in the reading, listening and speaking sections

Combining two test scores
When you take a full four section test at the same time, the NMC will accept combining two tests within 12 months of each other. However, in order to combine scores, none of the results for listening, reading or speaking can be below grade C+(300-340) and writing cannot be below grade C(250-290).

b) STUDY IN ENGLISH: You have a recent pre-registration study which was taught and assessed in English. (Recent refers to ‘not be more than two years old at the time of registration’.) If your nursing course was taught and assessed in English, you will have to provide the following evidence.

  • A detailed University transcript with evidence of completing a minimum of three years of nursing programme and must contain minimum of 500 hours of clinical practice.
  • The training institution to complete an NMC approved form with completing section 8a & 8b proving the English language requirement.

This is all online now as the NMC has completely moved towards accepting full online registration. Where the institution verification will be directly emailed to the institution’s details you have provided.

c) PRACTISED IN ENGLISH: You are registered and have a minimum of 1 year of practice in a country where English is the majority language. This practice can be as a nurse, midwife or nursing associate. This allows you to bypass language tests in the UK but only if the examination that you took as part of your registration as a nurse or midwife outside the UK was conducted in English.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System is an examination that is solely run at British Council approved/accredited institutions/learning centres all over the World.

OET – Occupational English Test is the English language test designed for the healthcare sector.

Registering with the NMC Online

Here is the NMC online registration guide with easy step by step explanations of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements.

Click here to begin an NMC application. The link will redirect you to the NMC page.

International Nurses Registration Steps

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) UK

Step one – Completing online Eligibility & Qualification

The applicant must declare that they meet all their prerequisites including good health and good character.

Basic Details to fill such as personal details, Identity details such as passport number, address ensure you provide the correct details

Third Party Verification Here you will be asked to provide your Nursing qualification verification where you will need to supply the correct email address of your institution Principal or Head or the person responsible to reply to the NMC

Provide your Nursing Council details with the correct email address ensure you inform and follow up with your Nursing council for the replying to the NMC. Unfortunately, you can only remind your nursing council however the reply has to be done by the Nursing council themselves

Once the NMC receives the reply from your council, the NMC will update on your online portal that your qualification verification regulator matched

Once all details are matched, the NMC will notify you and update you on your online portal as Evaluation Status Completed

The fee to pay here is £140

Step two – Taking test Competency Part one and Part two

The NMC will inform you once the initial stage evaluation is completed that you can take the test of competency

Part 1 NMC test of competency CBT: is where you can select the centre and book for the test

CBT is taken usually in your home country where you will need to find out the nearest available centre. Test centre information can be easily found out by clicking on the link sent by the NMC. This is usually present on the email sent by the NMC

The fee to pay here is £83

Part 2 NMC test of competency OSCE: this test can only be done in the UK currently at three NMC recognised Universities which are Ulster University, Northampton University, Oxford University.

If you are on sponsorship through UK employers, you can complete the rest of the NMC registration requirement such as submitting full application requirements where the NMC can verify all of this while keeping the OSCE pending

If you are personally applying for the job without the sponsorship you can contact the university test centre to book your test, on obtaining confirmation you can apply for the visitor’s visa to travel to UK to complete the OSCE test.

The fee to pay here is £794

If you fail the OSCE on up to 4 stations, you will need to pay a partial resit fee which is £397

If you fail more than 4 stations you will need to pay a full resit fee which is £794

Step Three – Completing Full Application

As explained above you don’t need to wait to complete your OSCE to submit all the required documents online

Health Declaration nominate a medical practitioner, here you have to fill in your medical practitioner contact email address where the NMC will ask your medical practitioner to submit the verification

Character Evidence – Here NMC will contact your Nursing Council/Regulator to provide the evidence of good Character

Language Evidence – Here you have to provide the required English language test scores. Either IELTS or OET scores are to be submitted with the test report number usually given on your IELTS or OET certificate

Professional Indemnity Arrangement – Here you will be asked to declare that you will have the necessary professional indemnity requirement cover. If you are employed by an employer. For example, NHS hospital – usually indemnity cover is covered as part of your employment contract. Please check with your employer or you can register with Nursing Unions, for example RCN or Unison to get the indemnity cover

The fee to pay here is £153

Step Four – Full Evaluation of Application

The NMC will verify your full application only when you complete your OSCE and submit all the documentation (all the above explained in step 1-3)

If your application is successful by completing all the stages, the NMC will write to you by giving you the final decision and will email you your Nursing PIN number within a few days.

In the event that your application needs further verification or further document evidence, the NMC will inform you to submit these. You also will be given the opportunity to appeal the decision that the NMC makes if your application is unsuccessful or needs additional evidence.

The NMC application can now only be done online. Here is the link for that page:

If you’d like to know more, please let us know any questions you might have by completing the quick contact form below.

We can provide you the robust personalised support to find a job and help you through all the stages of NMC registration.

Send us your detailed CV, copy of passport, copy of Nursing completion certificate, detailed transcript to We will shortlist you for the interview and help in finding employment in the UK.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the nursing registration & regulation body of UK, where you apply for your nursing registration.

    No, you cannot work as a nurse in the UK without a valid NMC registration. However, prior to obtaining Nursing full registration many international nurses will be working as a Healthcare Assistants.

    No, to work as a nurse in UK you must meet all the NMC requirements.

    You can prove your English Language Profiency under three categories;

    A. Meeting the IELTS or the OET required scores.

    B. You have a recent pre registration study which was taught and assessed in English. Recent means which should not be less than two years old at the time of registration. If your nursing course was taught and assessed in English, you will have to provide the following evidence:

        • A University Transcript of Training, evidence must confirm that atleast 50% of pragramme includes clinical interaction.
        • A letter from the institution completing a NMC form sections 8a & 8b. Please follow link here for the NMC form:

    Check the NMC information for full details about applicants trained outside European Union.

    C. You are registered and have minumum 1 year of practice in a country where the English has been the native language. Countries listed are featured here:

    If your nursing qualification completion date is within 24 months you can now start your registration

      1. Start your NMC registration
      2. Follow the step one to step three given on this page under International Nurses Registration Steps

    The applicant must need to declare that they meet all their pre requisites including good health and good character. If NMC decides that you need provide further evidence of your English language they will write to you, further you may be asked provide the English language requirement proof (IELTS or OET).

    The answer to the question depends on what you want to achieve or prove in your life or nursing career. People have difference of opinion. However, there is a huge difference of salary in NHS Hospital job reasons to choose:

    The Pros

    • You get varied opportunity to learn and progress in your nursing career
    • You can learn more advanced skills
    • You can see the wide variety of complex nursing care needs and constant changing of patients

    The Cons

    • Starting salary is less compared to care homes or private hospitals
    • At times work area can too demanding and stressful, pace of working need is very fast and quality driven.


    Nursing Home job reasons to choose:

    The Pros

    • Good level of starting salary
    • Work is more relaxed as you look after more or less same residents/patients
    • You can have an organised routine
    • You can get opportunity to progress as a team leader and manager

    The Cons

    • Work can be monotonous as you mostly see the same residents or patients everyday
    • Pace of working is bit slow
    • You may see more of elderly residents and got to have the experience of Nursing te elderly patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s

    The process can take from 3- 6 months. The quickest we had was 3months and 25 days where the candidate arrived to UK.  However you must need to meet all NMC requirements.

    The NHS hospitals or care homes we associate with are providing a sponsorship letter when you complete your part 1 test, provided you successfully complete all other stages. You can then apply for your visa. You arrive to the UK under the conditional offer letter, start your job as a Band 4 HCA while preparing for your part 2 test;  more information on this will be provided on the recruitment event or contact us to find out our upcoming interviews and job offers.

    Send us your detailed CV, copy of passport, copy of Nursing completion certificate, detailed transcript into We will short list you for the interview and help in finding the employment in UK.