OSCE Test New Changes Due to Covid Situation

Skills-In Hospital Resuscitation (BLS) will not be tested for the new booking. Only done for the resit exams by taking care of special health safety precautions (with Social Distancing, infection control precautions in place) Assessment Station (in APIE) -No real actor, you will only be tested for completing observations, once you verbalise how you would… View Article

New OSCE Changes from 2nd August 2021

OSCE Changes, 3 New Skills & 1 New Scenario for assessment will be introduced to the existing OSCE Test from 14th June 2021 New Curriculum OSCE Changes will come into effect from 2nd August 2021. If you have done CBT or attempted OSCE prior to August 2021, you will have another 12 months to complete… View Article

OSCE Training for Nurses

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Compliance Training

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Nursing & Midwifery Council Revalidation

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