OSCE 3 Types1


OSCE 2021 is the current OSCE running and all nurses are to appear for the 10 station OSCE. You have 4 Skills, 2 Mandatory writing skills and 4 APIE stations. The NEW OSCE Marking Criteria Jan 2023 is available in the test centre websites.

Current Skills are:

Wound Assessment


In Hospital Resuscitation

IM Injection

Subcutaneous Injection

Catheter Sampling of Urine


Peak Flow

MSU Urinalysis

Catheter Removal

IV Flush & VIP

NG Tube insertion

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Pain Assessment

Fluid Balance

Pressure Area Assessment

Administration of Suppository

Bowel Assessment

Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Nutritional Assessment

Oral Care Plan

Oxygen Therapy

Current Mandatory Writing stations are:

Professional Values: Confidentiality, Drug Error, Possible Abuse, Professional Confrontation, Social Media

New Scenarios will be : Bullying, Concealment of Bed Status, False Representation, Falsifying Observations, Falsifying Timesheets, Hospital Food, Impaired Performance, Laboratory Results, Racism, Witnessed Abuse.

Evidence Based Practice: Diabetes, Female MI, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Smoking Cessation, Use of honey dressing for venous leg ulcers

New Scenarios wil be: Ankle Sprain, Asperger’s syndrome, Bedside Handover, Cervical Screening, Cranberry Juice & Urinary Tract infection, Dementia & Music, Fever in Children, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Restraint, Saline versus Tap water.

Please note current OSCE is a 10 station OSCE test with total 22 skills for you to study, total 29 writing stations for you to learn and total 10 APIE scenarios for you to master. Contact us for more information.