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Start Your OSCE Learning in Your Home Country

OSCE Learning Has Been Made Easy by our Two Online Learning Methods

If you are a NHS Hospital, Nursing home or a recruitment company looking to prepare your nurses for their OSCE test starting early in their recruitment phase so that they are ready to take the test immediately when they arrive to UK. Health Skills Training has supported many health care organisations and individual nurses to completely ready for their OSCE test when they arrive to UK without having to wait long time or spend lot of money in organising training, recruiting skilled staff and setting up skills lab to train International nurses. Contact us today for more information or to book your OSCE preparation.

Want to Know How Health Skills Training Can Train Your Nurses for OSCE, Starting in Their Home Country?

We have three answers for this, which will thoroughly prepare your nurses to take the OSCE with confidence.

1. OSCE Online Learning

OSCE Online Learning is available 24/7 which has all the skills and scenarios required for the OSCE test preparation. OSCE online learning was created by Health Skills Training to provide the convenience of learning on the go, you can pause, rewind and re-learn whenever and wherever you want. OSCE online learning can act as an additional support for your face to face training or you may want learn by yourself.

The OSCE is designed to assess your ability to competently apply your professional nursing or midwifery skills and knowledge in the UK. OSCE test is always easy to pass if you prepare well before your first attempt, strict marking criteria makes it difficult to pass for many. There is no room for minor errors and you must be fluent and confident with all the procedures and skills. We believe by having the online video based learning will help you to fill the gaps of OSCE preparation. Click here to access our OSCE online learning.

2. OSCE Virtual Training

OSCE Live Training is a virtual learning. This Training helps you to prepare for your OSCE test from any where in the world. You will get the similarity of classroom experience. Quality guaranteed. Check details of training below and the reviews of our Live Video based OSCE Training. Our 3 days comprehensive Virtual live video based training will give you excellent input for you to prepare for your OSCE test at your own pace. You can prepare for your OSCE with confidence without needing to come to the classroom training.

3. One or Two days optional face to face OSCE follow-up in UK within 10 days of arrival

All learners learn differently, some nurses may need additional support may be due to they are slow to pick up, no prior clinical experience, high level of anxiety, want to improve confidence or recap everything prior to attending the test, feel and use the equipment’s. This one day OSCE training boost their confidence.

Live Virtual Video Based Training is Comprehensive and Covers the Following in Detail Including the Assessment

Two Full Days Training with two half day follow ups – only requires: a good internet connection, a phone, tablet or a laptop.

See what our Nurses say about our training (Feedback reviews attached below)

Live Training joining info will be sent on registration, which can be easily accessed from any device even if you don’t download the App.

OSCE Virtual Training Dates 2023

Booking for the below dates is under courses -Onsite Training on the website

  •  Apr 12, 13,  28
  •  Apr 17, 18 May 5
  • May 3,4 May 19
  • May 8, 9 May 29
  • May 17, 18 Jun 2
  • May 31, Jun 1 Jun 16
  • Jun 14, 15 Jul 3
  • Jun 21, 22 Jul 7
  • Jun 28, 29 Jul 17
  • Jul 12, 13 Jul 31
  • Jul 19, 20 Aug 7
  • Aug 9, 10 Aug 28
  • Aug 16, 17 Sep 4
  • Aug 30, 31  Sep 18
  • Sep 6, 7 Sep 25
  • Sep 20,21 Oct 9
  • Oct 4, 5 Oct 23
  • Oct 11, 12 Oct 30
  • Oct 25, 26 Nov 13
  • Nov 8, 9 Nov 27
  • Nov 15,16 Dec 4
  • Nov 29,30 Dec 18
  • Dec 6,7 Dec 22

Prepare at Home and Get Ready to Take Your OSCE Test

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Simple Basic Steps to Use Our Technology, all Accessed Through Our Virtual Live Session on a Secure Platform

Ensure you have the good Internet connection. It is a full two-day training session, so be sure to check your internet access limit. Ideally, you’ll need unlimited access. You can call us to test your device prior to the training.

      1. Stay close to your internet router
      2. Please avoid any background noise
      3. Keep the water, book and pen ready
      4. Use comfortable seating and good lighting.
      5. If possible, use headphones/earphones during training to avoid background noise. You will be asked to press/enable the mute icon if there is a problem.

OSCE Live Video Based Training Reviews

Review Questions Asked?

      1. OSCE Live Training. Was it clear and did it meet your expectation keeping in mind you would need more practice time?
      2. Was the trainer explained everything? Went through the paperwork?
      3. One thing you really liked or learned or helped in training?
      4. Training quality and would you recommend others?
      5. What’s the overall rating you would give for the training? 1 is poor 5 is excellent
      6. Are there any changes you recommend if there are any please highlight? If not please state none

1. Rosemarie Nisperos

It met my expectations, though as expected some occasional internet connection issues were there. Gilbert has covered everything. One thing I really liked or learned was I like the enthusiasm of the speaker and he demonstrated it well Quality-whole training module is excellent. Just some issues with the internet connection No further changes recommended I just want to recommend everyone to highlight the importance of printing the workbook. Its kind a hard to follow if we doesn’t have the physical form in our hand. Specially with NEWS GCS MUST charts I really appreciate the training. Thank you Gilbert. Godbless!


2. Alphonsa Joseph

Thank you sir for providing us with such a great experience of learning. The training was clear and covered all the topics. I appreciate your attempt even if to cover the demo and getting us clear even with the skill stations. I would rate 5 for the training as it gave the same experience as of classroom training. Thank you sir for your challenging attempt.


3. Janice Patting

The training was in detailed and it was very informative. The trainer explained everything. One thing I really liked or learned was the detailed explanations and the updates given for skills and APIE stations Quality of training Simple yet educational and easy to follow. YES I will definitely recommend No further changes recommended. We had to do the video training due to due to unforeseen circumstances but everything was well prepared.


4. Gian Henson

The information were very simple and clear and met my expectations. Everything were discussed and thoroughly explained Things that I liked the most the discussion of paperworks, per skills demonstration and run through of needed documents per scenario Quality of training was great and I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues. No changes recommended.


5. Kristine Lozada

I believe that the training was very informative and was able to meet my expectations. Every paperwork was discussed and we were taught on how to fill it up appropriately. Things that I liked the various tips that were discussed was very helpful. I liked how it highlighted the things we need to focus on for the test. I would definitely would recommend this training. Despite occasional challenges we faced due to the connection and not being able to be there to physically see the demonstration nonetheless, the quality and delivery of the training was still spot on. No further changes recommended.


6. Sithembiso Nkhoma

Osce live training was informative and enlightening. The instructor was clear and confident. He was engaging the learners and asking for feedback. Most of my expectations were met, given the circumstances The demonstrations were the most important part for me. The instructor made it seem simple and effortless. Indeed we need to practise the steps Training quality was good. However, l lost my connection for more than 2hours ( nobody’s fault) so lost out on some demonstrations like BLS. But we have the online videos to back up. Everything went almost perfect. However, l still think that the classroom is the best interactive place and l would have been more confident after a classroom setting than online setting. Thank you Gilbert, you gave us your best.


7. Obert Mukombwe

Thank you very much for the training it was quite an eye opener and easy to follow. However it was packed and yes as you alluded to practice will make everything come to perspective. Only changes or additional things I recommend is more time APIE for me as things are different in UK than what I learnt in my country.


8. Joseph Dejarme

I expected it to have some drawbacks compared to the classroom training but I honestly learned a lot. It gave me clarity on how to prepare for OSCE and I think that I learned everything I needed to learn which I would have learned from classroom training also. Gilbert was very thorough. He gave as much time as possible on every station and skill. He explained the paperworks masterfully. One thing I really liked or learned was the paperwork needed and how to fill it up were the ones I needed learning the most and the online training helped me a lot. Training quality was superb. Although you need a good signal coverage to fully enjoy the experience. I would recommend it. The training was excellent but part of the drawback of online training was that you needed a printed copy of the documents beforehand or another device to look it up, which i did not have so I needed to take up notes more than I should have and multitask on some parts. But overall, the training itself was very good. I would recommend to have the printed workbook in hand prior to your training.


9. Dante Cedeno

I have had experience with live video training to when im still in the Philippines and Im happy with the experience that I had with your live video training. It is more clearer for me now on what I should do. I did not expect so much because I know its really different from face to face training, however you really did a great job. Everything for me now is clearer you explained everything. One thing I really liked or learned was don’t complicate things, be simple and don’t try to impress the assessor. Training quality was great, Its a little brain draining because of the time constraints. No further changes recommended other than requiring to attend the classroom training.


10. Belindah Sibanda

Thank you for the online training, it was an eye opener , well conducted and easy to understand, most of my challenges were well explained and presented. I would definitely recommend your training and on a scale of 0-5 ill give it a 5 because it was excellent and you have fully equipped us with the knowledge, now it’s up to us to continue practising to perfect our skills.Thank you.


11. Gigin John

The OSCE live training by Health Skills Training by Gilbert was very informative and enlightening. Gilbert explained everything clearly and specifically. All the skills and APIE stations were covered within 2 days. As it was an interactive session, I almost had the same feeling of attending a classroom training. I truly appreciate his efforts to conduct the class so brilliantly. Being thorough with the work book and skills stations is the key to achieve better from this training. So I suggest all to have a look into the workbook before you go to the training. Thank you so much Gilbert for this wonderful session.


12. Naomi Ed

The online live training was as close to an in-house classroom as can be during this time. Gilbert did as well as he could with the equipment and space that he had and I was happy that he could share with us some innovative ways with which we could practice in our own homes. The paperwork and explanation was quite comprehensive and it was good to be made aware of the different types of documents that we might receive during the OSCE and become more familiar with how to use these. Of course there were a few technical difficulties but Gilbert made himself quite accessible for any of us to ask questions so this helped a lot. Thank you Gilbert for such an informative training.


13. Omolara Tokko

The OSCE Live Training was clear and precise. It met my expectations 100%. As stated, more practice time is required for 100% preparation for the OSCE. The trainer explained everything and went through the paperwork. He was very helpful in clarifying any area of doubt. The training was an eye opener for me to focus on the key areas for success. It gives me direction on adequate preparation and practice. The training quality was superb, although participants have to play their part by having a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection. I will give an overall rating of 5. It was excellent.


14. Motheba Motlejoa

The OSCE virtual training was very informative and detailed. It has even made me cope better with my work. The trainer went through all the paperwork, explaining and how to complete. One things I learned that its important to pay attention to even smallest details such as interacting with the patient, verbalising steps and monitoring frequency to the assessor. Excellent quality and I am happy with the content and will definitely recommend to others.


15. Sakhelene Vundla

The OSCE Live virtual training was vary clear. Trainer explained things in simple terms. It is an eye opener and made me understand what OSCE is and what to expect. Training Quality was excellent and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. 16. Geda Villarisco Rating 5 stars The OSCE Live virtual training was vary clear and met my expectations. Paperwork was detailed and explained clearly. One thing I liked and learned is being interactive and on the spot assessment and filling paperwork. Quality and rating is excellent.