Venepuncture Training

Venepuncture Training

This is a half day course covers the skills and knowledge required to perform venepuncture safely to obtain a blood sample

Who should attend:
Health Care Workers whose role involves venous blood sample collection

Course covers the following:

  • The Anatomy and Physiology of the vein
  • Venepuncture sites to use
  • Essential equipment required for procedure
  • Recommended PPE usage
  • Correct placement of tourniquet
  • Policies / guidance to minimise cross infection
  • Correct waste disposal
  • Recommended order of draw for pathology
  • Aftercare advice

Duration of Course: 1/2 Day
Course valid for: Every 3 Years

Method of delivery:
This is a practical based hands on training, learner will practice in a safe environment using the mannequin venepuncture arm.

Further guidance , documentation competency paperwork will be given to complete the competency minimum of 6 venepunctures with the supervision of skilled worker or mentor.

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